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16 juillet 2011 6 16 /07 /juillet /2011 20:52

Un voyage d'étude est organisé  du 24 au 28 août 2011 par iLo (Institut néerlandais de création lumière) en lien avec l'OISTAT pour aller visiter l'exposition SEE!COLOUR! qui se tient à Järna en Suède (près de Stockholm).

L'exposition présente notamment des oeuvres de James Turrell. Toute une série d'activités sont organisées à cette occasion : conférences, workshop, débats autour des thème de la couleur pigmentaire et de la couleur lumineuse, à partir notamment des théories de Goethe et de Steiner.


Pour plus de détail, lire ci-dessous les informations relatives à ce voyage.

Arrive on the 24th of August: program August 25, 26, 27, departure the 28th of August

Ilo is organising a studytrip to the exhibition ‘SEE! COLOUR! in Sweden for it’s participants and is offering participation for interested (lighting designers) of OISTAT and its partners.
Around the exhibition iLo is organising activities: a lecture of the curator of the exhibition on the Roden Crater project of James Turrell; about the works of Goethe, Steiner and Klint that are on exhibition. The basic subject of the studytrip is the distinction between pigments and coloured light. We are organising a workshop on the theory of ‘Colour as Pigment and Colour as Light’ where we also like to engage in experiment. We investigate theories of Goethe and Steiner in this context.


‘Bindu Shards’ is a ganzfeldt, a work by James Turrell that needs to be booked in advance. It is an experience that can be visited by a single person at the time only. We will reserve a few slots during our stay so people can enjoy. Also for the work ‘Dark Space’ reservations are needed.


The details of the program are in development. The lectures about the artists are in one session, the workshop will take up two sessions. We plan time to visit the exhibition as well as socialising events like an introduction of the participants and a celebration

Participants will arrange their own traveling and accomodation. Ryan Air is a cheap carrier that flies to the airport of Skvasta which is at the south of Stockholm, excelent for travel to Järna. Dutch travelers with Ryan Air use Eindhoven and Weeze airports. If needed we arrange local grouptransport for comfort. Järna is at 50 km from the centre of Stockholm. There is a trainstation at a 15 min. walk from the exhibition.

Accomodation can be found on the exhibition grounds. Hotelservice and dormatory style accomodation is available on site. If you are in holidaymood there are a ‘Wanderheim’ and a camping (with hut’s) in the surroundings. ILo is providing information at your convenience. Hotel on site is ± €100,- via a deal with iLo. Dormatory is cheaper. We may have a few no-buget arrangments for those who need it. If you need assistance please feel free to ask for help.


We share the cost of participation in the activities we are organising. We collect a fee for the complete program, including 3-day entrance, workshop, lectures and possible local transport. More participants lead to a better deal. We consider full participation although locals may choose to participate at their interest. Only by mid August we are able to calculate the exact fee.

We like to be informed of your interest as soon as possible. Before the 12th of July we have to arrange our intentions with the site. With that information we will arrange the details from the 11th of August.



Pour toute information :  isabel@lichtontwerpen.nl

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